Life Saver of Texas offers homeowners with peace of mind thanks to our Life Saver removable mesh pool fence. Life Saver removable mesh pool fence is made using the highest quality materials, including the strongest poles and is installed by factory-trained company employees. The pool fences are designed specially to guard young children and pets from swimming pool misfortune. We believe quite simply that we have the best removable pool fence available on the market.

Main Features


solid poles

Life Saver’s aluminum poles are far stronger than others; in fact they are 3 times stronger than the standard x-pole. The thick external wall of Life Saver’s pole is made using T-6 aluminum alloy, making it really rigid. The internal wall is schedule 80 P.V.C. and is filled with a T-5 break-proof, solid metal rod in the bottom 14 inches of each pole. This provides more strength and flexibility. There just isn’t a stronger pole and Life Saver backs it with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. It’s the number one reason we consider the Life Saver removable mesh pool fence the best removable pool fence in the America.

Mesh Material:


Life Saver Pool Fence uses only the strongest, most transparent mesh possible. The Textilene mesh used offers the highest tensile strength available at over 270 lbs per square inch. It is a 12-12 mill. nylon mesh and the polyvinyl basket weave is infused with first class UV protection that keep your removable mesh pool fence looking new for decades.

Border and Stitch:

quad stitch border

Life Saver removable mesh pool fence uses embossed nylon border material that is made to prevent cracking and weathering. The border is attached to the mesh by stitching or glue, usually up to 2 stitches. Life Saver’s aim of making the best removable pool fence possible, means that they don’t cut corners; they use quadruple marine stitching for the borders – the same practice used for awnings and boat canvases.


safety latch

Life Saver Pool Fence’s nickel plated latches offer a molded latch with the stainless steel spring set inside. This protects the spring from obstructions and ensures that it will not rust, decay or depreciate. Once latched, no vertical blows will release it. Its design also has no sharp edges or points.

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