Bob Kurtz, Owner of Life Saver Pool Fence of Texas
Bob Kurtz, Owner

Welcome! For over 26 years, owner and pool safety expert Bob Kurtz has installed more than 2,000 pool fences in Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding areas of Texas.

Our team is fully licensed and insured, and we’ve undergone extensive training at our parent company Life Saver Pool Fence Systems. We guarantee that every pool fence installation is done professionally and performed by the most highly trained installers. We also guarantee that we will educate you about how to prevent pool drownings and the multiple Layers of Protection that we advocate putting into place.

“We are passionate about keeping families throughout the state of Texas safe. I am proud to offer the Life Saver pool fence to homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding areas.” — Bob Kurtz (Owner, Operator, & Installer)

Contact Life Saver Pool Fence Texas today at (817) 689-9090 or contact us here to learn more.

Our team works hard to educate homeowners on pool safety and create a safer environment for our customers and their families. Whether you have a pool, hot tub, decorative pond, or natural body of water in your backyard, it’s important you take proactive measures to protect your family and pets from the risk of accidental drownings. Contact us today if you need to install pool fences in Dallas, Fort Worth, and other areas in Texas.

Thinking About Installing A Pool Fence?

We offer homeowners a FREE pool safety fence estimate in-person or virtually utilizing Google Earth and will walk you through the entire process, step by step, so that you can remain fully confident of our process and service offering.

Note: All authorized Life Saver Pool Fence Dealers are expertly trained by our parent company Life Saver Pool Fence based in Florida. Dealers and installers like myself are required to go through an extensive vetting process, and a complete background check. They also receive thorough training through our parent company as well as ongoing training each year on new products and best installation practices.

Thank you!

Bob Kurtz, Owner

If you would like to learn more about pool safety, you can also download a copy of our Pool Safety Guide eBook here.