A swimming pool fence is one of the best investments a Texas homeowner can make to ensure the safety of their family. In an ideal world, no one would ever need a safety fence for their swimming pool. Unfortunately, anyone who has paid attention to the news during the summer months knows that a swimming pool can be a very dangerous place for kids and pets in Texas. Drowning is one of the primary causes of death in kids below the age of 5. A safety fence for the pool is the safest and reliable method along with adult supervision to protect children against accidents in the home swimming pool.

Pool Fence Options

While we always find a pool fence to meet your needs, three popular options are below:

  • Copper Vein Poles with Brown Mesh & Brown Mesh Border (Solid Poles)
  • Black Poles with Black Mesh & Black Mesh Border (Solid Poles)
  • Our popular X Pole (a strong fence but different pole design

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Why You Should Install A Life Saver Pool Fence in Dallas/Fort Worth

There are many reasons homeowners choose to install a pool safety fence from Life Saver of Texas over the rest. Our pool fences are the strongest, most secure fences available on the market, and offers the following features and benefits:

  • Child proof safety fence available in 4ft and 5ft heights
  • Non-corrosive, reinforced poles with solid pole options
  • Child-proof, stainless steel and lockable latches
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Strong & Durable Mesh Fabric
  • Self-closing & self-latching gate
  • 100 Year Warranty

Our fencing is mounted on solid aluminum poles that are corrosion resistant and extremely durable. They are simply the strongest in the industry! In addition, the Life Saver fence is backed by a 100 Year Warranty; making Life Saver the smartest move towards making your pool safe this season!

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Life Saver mesh pool fence installations in Dallas, Fort Worth & Arlington, TX

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    Why Pool Fences Are So Important

    black mesh pool fence installed in Irving, TXOn average, around 700 children drown every year. Drowning is also a major reason for life-threatening injuries to both grown-ups and children. Pets are also at risk in a home that has a swimming pool not blocked with a pool safety barrier. Pool safety fences therefore have become the most common method of protecting children and pets in homes with backyard pools.

    A safety fence is especially needed in homes with pools when toddlers are regularly present. This could also be the case for grandparents who regularly take care of their grandchildren. Removable safety fencing is ideal for grandparents who can remove it whenever the grandchildren are not present.

    Consider this; seventy-seven percent of fatal drowning accidents occurred within 5 minutes of the child last being seen. This fact underlines the importance of installing a pool safety fence in Dallas and other areas of Texas as one of the most valuable options for people with swimming pools since it acts as a barricade for children and pets; stopping them from getting too close to the water.

    Professional Pool Fence Installers in Dallas/Ft Worth

    The job of a swimming pool fence installer is that of great responsibility since he/she needs to ensure the safety of many lives while installing a swimming pool fence. The first and foremost job of a pool fence installer is to closely validate the place of installation and to define the line and length of holes and fittings. Once the pool fence is installed, the installers check the strength and durability of the fence. When all the removable pool fence installation work is completed, the installers must provide the complete guidelines and explain the process of uninstalling, maintenance and other details to the homeowner.

    Our Fort Worth and Dallas pool fence installers are trained and certified by our corporate company, Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc. to ensure a safe and quality removable pool fence installation. Regardless of the material used for your deck - wood, stone, concrete or brick; you can expect a professional, custom installation that will last for many years. Additionally, we can install our pool fence into an existing seawall or in your lawn/planter area.

    Quality is our trademark and our customers expect only the best. This is why we use precision diamond core drilling equipment to avoid chipping or cracking of your masonry surface.

    Finally, unlike some companies, we make it a point to provide the best pre-sale advice possible. Our objective isn't to get the highest price tag, it is to ensure your pool is safe and your backyard remains as beautiful and functional as possible.

    DIY Removable Pool Fence Installations

    custom black mesh pool fence installation Dallas, TXYou may be the DIY type of person who prefers to do the work yourself. This can result in the same high-quality work (depending on your ability to work with your hands) as well as a substantial cost savings. As a company committed to increasing residential swimming pool safety, we support the do-it-yourselfer. We have a pool fence model that allows a homeowner to install their own fence without having to invest in heavy machinery or equipment. Please be sure to visit our Pool Fence Guidelines page to ensure that your pool is as safe as it can be!

    Install A Swimming Pool Safety Fence Today

    For homeowners, while there are many options available when it comes to a pool safety fence, there are none more solid and versatile than a Life Saver Pool Fence. If you are ready to make your home a safer place for your family to enjoy, don’t hesitate - contact us today to schedule your free estimate. In many cases, we can even perform your estimate virtually with the assistance of Google Earth.

    Contact us at 817-689-9090 now to learn more about our fence installation process and to schedule a free estimation of a Life Saver swimming pool fence.