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In Hunt County, Texas, the warm season runs all the way from March to the end of November.  From April to October, the average high temperature each day is at least 80 degrees - that's 7 months! It is hot most of the time here - that means you need a way to cool off. A backyard pool is the best way! The whole family can enjoy the break from the heat in a pool, you can host social gatherings, or even exercise.

If you do have a pool, in addition to enjoying it, you also have to be responsible - after all, having a pool is a big responsibility, especially if you have young children or toddlers. Unsupervised, they can wander into the pool and drown. That's why you need a Life Saver Pool Fence - it can provide you with a lot of protection from unwanted accidents.

As per state laws, all homes in Texas with swimming pools should have a pool barrier. Texas' pool barrier requirements state that all residential swimming pools are required to be protected by a fence that is at least 6 feet high (measured from the outside of the fence). The fence should not be easily climbable and have no openings that would allow the passage of a 4-inch diameter sphere. Any doors or gates in the enclosure must be directly and continuously supervised when the pool is open or locked to restrict entry.

In addition to state regulations, residents must also adhere to local pool fencing regulations.

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    Why Install Pool Fencing by Life Saver of Texas?

    Life Saver Pool Fence installer in Hunt County, TX

    The dangers of pool accidents and drownings are real. Research from the CDC has found that children under the age of 5 are involved in 77% of pool deaths. Surprisingly, it was also found that 74% of fatal pool accidents occurred at homes in many cases when adult supervision was present. There is only one solution to this fatal problem - a strong and reliable mesh pool fence system that is enclosed with a durable door and latch system at all times.

    Installing a reliable pool safety fence is one of the most important things you can do for your family. At Life Saver of Texas, we ensure that the pool fence and its components are made up of reliant materials that sustain the sun, wind, rain, snow, and other difficult weather conditions. We also customize the fence sizes as per the customer’s requirements. Besides you can also select the color and design of the pool mesh that complements your outdoor settings.

    Homeowners want a fence that is aesthetically pleasing as well as serves their safety requirements. Residents throughout Texas have chosen to install a Life Saver Pool Fence over other brands. Not only are Life Saver mesh pool fences the safest pool barriers, they are also the best-looking fences.

    How Can Mesh Fencing Help for Pool Safety?

    Installing a Life Saver Pool Fence has proven to be beneficial for a lot of families. Certain companies in Texas specialize only in mesh fencing to give you the desired protection; however, with us, you will get a bundle deal of safety, quality, and aesthetic appeal.

    Our company works on designing high quality mesh fences for pool safety. The mesh fencing done by our experts is unbreakable and is covered by a 100 Year Warranty. Life Saver’s child pool safety fences are patented and manufactured in the USA.  Our employees are sent yearly to seminars in which they learn the newest methods and procedures.

    Another special feature to look at in these fences is that they do not block the view of your water and thus, you can enjoy the same from the windows of your house.

    The portable mesh fencing helps you to remove these fencing for pool parties and store it in future. You may also remove these when you don’t have to use the pool for long such as in winters and snowfalls. Our fences offer you a 100 Year Warranty to give protection to your family and pets for long. Thus, you don’t have to worry about durability - even in the storage period.

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    Landmarks in Hunt County, Texas

    Hunt County is home to about 96,000 people and its capital county seat is Greenville, Texas.  Some other points of interest include: Lake Tawakoni State Park, Audie Murphy American Cotton Museum, and Greenville Municipal Auditorium.

    Swimmy Safety and Resources for Residents in Hunt County, TX