If you are a homeowner in Northlake, TX and have a pool in your backyard, you need to consider having a pool fence installed to protect your family from the dangers of an unprotected pool. Having a pool creates a serious drowning risk especially if you have small children, elderly family members, and pets in your home. Even if you are the most vigilant parent or caretaker, your family is at risk since a drowning can occur in the time it takes to respond to a text message or answer the phone.

Homes with pools in Texas are required to have a pool barrier per state requirements. A mesh pool fence satisfies these requirements ensuring Northlake homeowners are in compliance with state laws. Texas’ pool fencing requirements state that all residential swimming pools are required to be protected by a fence that is at least 6 feet high (measured from the outside of the fence), is not easily climbable, and has no openings that would allow the passage of a 4-inch diameter sphere.

Additionally, any doors or pool gates in the enclosure must be directly and continuously supervised when the pool is open, or locked to restrict entry.

At Life Saver of Texas, we are experts in pool safety fence installations and offer our customers the highest quality, custom removable mesh pool fences in Northlake, Texas.

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    Why Install Life Saver’s Removable Mesh Pool Fence?

    Installing a pool fence that is safe is more important than choosing a fence that looks good. However, many homeowners do want a fence that is aesthetically pleasing. This is why many homeowners throughout Texas have chosen to install a Life Saver Pool Fence over other brands. Life Saver’s removable mesh pool fences are the safest pool barriers available to homeowners and will help create a greater sense of security in your Northlake home. A pool barrier is the best way to prevent drownings from occurring which is why you need to start the process of having a child pool safety fence installed today.

    Research from the CDC has found that 77% of pool deaths directly involve children under the age of 5. Their research has also found that 74% of fatal pool accidents occurred at residential locations in many cases when adult supervision was present. For this reason - a strong, reliable pool fence is key.

    The Life Saver mesh fences are made of the strongest mesh available. This mesh is near-transparent, and nearly indestructible, plus it won’t block your view of the water giving you even more peace of mind. Additionally, our patented pool fencing poles are the strongest available in the industry which means they will never bend or break even if there are strong winds. Our pool fences are also easily removable and can be taken down and rolled up for compact storage in just minutes in the event you are throwing a party or want to store the fence for long term storage.

    Plus, all of our pool fences are backed by a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, meaning you can be sure your fence will protect your pool and family for years to come!

    In addition to installing a removable pool safety barrier, we also suggest that our clients take a safety audit or their backyards and implement the following layers of protection to make your family even safer:

    • Door and pool alarms
    • Pool safety cover
    • Teach children water survival skills
    • Provide children with swimming lessons
    • Maintain constant supervision of children
    • Ensure all caregivers are trained to perform CPR

    Another factor to consider when purchasing a new pool safety fence for your home is who is installing it. This is just as important. This is why every installer we employ has been extensively screened and we only work with the highest trained installers. Our installers are required to be factory-trained and attend mandatory yearly safety seminars that are offered through our parent company, Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc. during which they learn how to improve on their installation techniques and become familiar with upcoming product upgrades.

    Professional Mesh Pool Fence Installations in Northlake, TX

    When you contact us to schedule your FREE pool fence estimate, we will come out to your Northlake home and measure your pool area. We will also discuss your preferences for color and height, the best configuration for your new fencing, and available upgrades.

    While Life Saver Pool Fence is offered in a variety of styles and colors that can be customized to match your yard’s aesthetic, we only sell one grade of fence - which is the safest removable mesh pool fencing around.

    In the event you are unable to have our installers come to your home for your estimate, we can often prepare your estimate utilizing Google Earth.

    The actual pool fence installation in Northlake, TX typically takes just a few hours to complete, which means that once you have given our installers the okay on the final layout you will have your new fence installed that very day. Schedule your FREE estimate today! Call 817-689-9090 now!

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    We service all of Northlake, Texas as well as the surrounding areas.

    Key Landmarks in Northlake, Texas

    As of the 2010 census there were 1,724 individuals living in Northlake.  Many of these homes had pools in their backyards, all of which should be protected by a mesh pool fence.

    Northlake, TX is home to many places of interest  including DFW Adventure Park, Trophy Club Park, Justin Community Park Northlake, Wat Buddharatanaram, and the Trophy Club Walking Trail.

    Pool Safety Resources for Northlake Families

    Keep your swimming pool safer for your children. Contact Life Saver of Texas today for professional mesh pool fence installations in Northlake, TX. Call 817-689-9090 or contact us here to get your FREE estimate!