Plano, Texas is a very warm part of the state, with average highs in the 70s beginning in April and right through October. In addition, Plano is far from any natural bodies of water to swim in, like rivers, lakes, or an ocean. So, many homeowners and families opt to own a swimming pool.

Having a pool at home lets your family enjoy the cool refreshment of swimming in clean water without the hassle of driving terribly far. Owning a pool is also a great excuse to throw barbecues or parties. However, although having your own pool is a great thing to have for the family, it entails a great responsibility. That is why we recommend installing a high-quality pool fence.

An unsupervised pool is a serious threat to a child’s safety at home. The CDC has found that the leading cause of accidental death for children aged 1-4 is drowning.  Each family and pool owner needs to be educated on pool safety and the risks inherent in owning a pool.  Everyone should receive swimming lessons, have access to flotation devices, have pool alarms, an adult supervising the pool, and install a pool safety barrier. We recommend installing a Life Saver mesh pool fence.

A Life Saver Pool Fence will keep your young children or pets away and out of an unsupervised pool. If you are a pool owner in Plano, TX, you also need to be aware of the state regulations regarding pool safety fences. All residential swimming pools must be enclosed by a pool barrier of at least six feet of height. When you install a mesh fence, make sure it is not easily climbable. Additionally, the fence must not have any openings exceeding four inches

A Life Saver Pool Fence can provide your family with the safety and security to safely enjoy your pool. Do not take the risk - talk to some of our experts and take the necessary steps to ensure your family’s safety.

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    Why Choose The Life Saver Pool Fence Brand?

    Life Saver of Texas has been a trusted company in the pool fence installation business for years. Our years of experience and expertise has allowed us to provide customers with the right fences and quality installations helping them protect their family and loved ones.

    Life Saver of Texas holds itself to the highest standard, using only the strongest and voted to be the best pool fence brand – the Life Saver Pool Fence. Our fence is made of the strongest pool fence poles available in the industry, the High-Performance Solid Pole. The fence pole is reinforced with three layers of metal, providing it with the strength and stability to hold up against the elements.

    Additionally, our fence uses the most durable nylon mesh out there. The mesh is strong yet flexible, so it will bend instead of breaking. From a manufacturer’s perspective, the Textilene Mesh is the most expensive on the market. Life Saver of Texas values quality and security over all else.

    We can also offer you the option between two different types of latches or locks to open and close your pool fence gate: the Safety Snap Latch and the Perma-Lock. Both are made out of stainless steel, so you do not need to worry about either latch or lock being corroded by the elements. If you are unsure which latch or lock is right for you, then you should consult with one of our pool fence installer in Plano, TX.  Our technicians will help you understand which latch or lock fits your family’s needs.

    In addition to having the strongest, most reliable pool fences and materials in the market, we also offer some other accessories for your pool:

    • An Omni-Hanger, which can be used to hang life-jackets, towels, or anything else that needs to be hung up.
    • A Pool Fence Solar Light to provide your backyard with a beautiful nighttime ambience.
    • An Arched Pool Gate to serve as a nice entrance to your pool.

    You might be worrying that installing a pool fence in your backyard will ruin the scenery and aesthetic of your pool and backyard. You do not need to worry.  At Life Saver of Texas, we understand that you want to have an appealing backyard. Our mesh for our fences is transparent, so you will be able to see your pool and backyard. We can also let you customize the style and colors of your pool fencing, so you can have a fence that suits the rest of your backyard. Choose from black, white, brown, tan, and other colors. And, if anything happens to your fence, all of our fences are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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    About Plano, TX

    Plano is a city located within the larger metroplex of Dallas-Fort Worth. Home to just over a quarter of a million people, Plano is the 9th largest city in the state of Texas. Plano is named after its flat, rolling plans. Despite the name, Plano enjoys many trees and parks in its city, such as Bob Woodruff park.  Plano is home to many historic sites, such as the Plano Station, Texas Electric Railway, which was a railway station that was operated in the early 20th century.  Plano is also home to U.S. representative Jeff Leach, who has been serving our country and the state of Texas since 2013.

    Pool Safety Resources for Plano, TX Residents

    Staying informed and aware of the data and the pool safety resources is essential for every pool owner’s safety.  Here are some statistics and drowning prevention resources to share with your family:

    In addition to getting educated, providing constant supervision, and installing a pool alarm, installing a Life Saver Pool Fence is vital to ensuring your family’s safety. Installing a pool fence is an easy way to protect your family from accidental drownings or pool injury.

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