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Ellis County, Texas enjoys a very long hot season - which can stretch well beyond three or four months.  Located in roughly central Texas, residents of Ellis County need a way to escape the heat - and their only option is a backyard pool.

For a resident in Ellis County, a pool is a necessity. In addition to being a great way to escape the heat, a pool also offers Texas residents a way to socialize at their home, organize a pool party, or exercise.

However, owning a pool is a great responsibility. According to the CDC, for children less than 14, accidental drowning is the leading cause of death, aside from birth defects. To prevent accidental drownings, you and your family need a Life Saver Pool Fence. With a Life Saver Pool Fence, you will be able to enjoy your pool safely and responsibly. You do not want to have to worry about all that could go wrong. You want peace of mind, and that is exactly what Life Saver of Texas is offering you and your family.

As per state laws, all homes in Texas with swimming pools should have a pool barrier. Texas' pool barrier requirements state that all residential swimming pools are required to be protected by a fence that is at least 6 feet high (measured from the outside of the fence). The fence should not be easily climbable and have no openings that would allow the passage of a 4-inch diameter sphere. Any doors or gates in the enclosure must be directly and continuously supervised when the pool is open or locked to restrict entry.

In addition to state regulations, residents must also adhere to local pool fencing regulations.

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    Why Install Pool Fencing by Life Saver?

    Installing a pool fence can give you a protective and reassuring space for your family and loved ones. It isn’t essential that you pay more to get a fence installed around your pool. Even with the estimated budget, we assure you that we will provide you the best quality custom-made fencing for your pool.

    Installing a reliable pool safety fence is one of the best things you can do for your family. At Life Saver of Texas, we ensure that the pool fence and its constituent parts are made up of reliable materials that sustain the tough Texas elements and other difficult weather conditions.

    We also customize the fence sizes as per the customer’s requirements. We understand that you do not want the pool fence to spoil the aesthetic of your backyard. That is why we want to work with you to customize the color of the mesh fence and poles.

    Life Saver Pool Fence Installations Done By Professionals

    Installations done by professional pool fence installers in Ellis County can prove to be cost-effective and safe. Another added advantage of installing pool fencing by us is that you can expect quality and timely work. Our experts are highly trained and experienced with the tools and techniques. They are also updated with any changes on materials and technology in the market. Thus, they are the best people to seek advice on pool installations, fittings, and safety concerns.

    Pool safety fence installations in Ellis County, TX by Life Saver of Texas can be done in a few hours. We also offer a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Once you give the experts and technicians a go ahead with the deal, the work begins ASAP.

    With more numbers of houses with pools going ahead with the safety standards and doing all that they could to protect their family, you must think wiser and soon.  With summers beginning soon, we recommend installing multiple layers of protection.

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    Key Landmarks in Ellis County, Texas

    Ellis County, Texas is home to roughly 150,000 people.  In addition, Ellis County is home to Maypearl, Clyde Barrow of Bonnie and Clyde, and the historic Ellis County Courthouse.

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